HIV Disease:Doctor says now Curable

Nigerian Biochemist Who Studied Naturopathic Medicine In Calcutta India says HIV is curable with Herbal Medicine.

The founder of Olaking Naturopathic Clinic, Dr Olawale Qazeem in an
interview talks about his journey into natural medicine.

Dr Olawale who has a Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture  in addition to
a Doctor of Natural Medicine says nature has an answer to all that
afflicts man.

When asked what led him led him in to becoming a Naturopath,he stated
“I’m a Biochemist, Naturopath, and a researcher. I try to know the root
cause of patients’ diseases and then treat them naturally, with herbal
medicine, diet and nutrition, cupping therapy, and other natural
therapies. I hold that there are no incurable diseases, but there may be
incurable cases. I’d wanted to be a medical doctor because of my
interest in health and fitness. I tried to no avail. I wasn’t admitted.
Instead, I was admitted into biochemistry department. Then, I started
having interest in researching into herbal remedies. Although, I have the
background because my mother is a herbal practitioner coupled with
being a nurse. After my first degree, I got started by learning from
outstandingly experienced practitioners in Nigeria and then proceeded to
study Naturopathic Medicine in Calcutta, India

He was further asked if he considers collaborating with other practitioners as important and he replied:
Yes, I do. I collaborate with other natural medicine practitioners, but not
orthodox medicine practitioners. Since 80 per cent of my patients came
from them, we have a team that makes us work together. We discuss
patients’ health issues together and come up with treatment protocols.
This has really assisted us all. Our teams have 50 per cent success
rates in HIV and Hepatitis treatments, which last for four months.
Through team work, we have successfully treated many sickle cell
anemia patients, leaving them with no crisis or symptoms for years.

On the issue of his belief on HIV been curable,he said:
HIV is curable and in fact, to me it seems to be one of the easiest
diseases to cure. In my book, there is nothing like incurable disease.
Although there can be incurable cases. The most basic is that there are
natural non-drug and non-surgical cures for virtually every disease. The
treatment duration is a minimum of three months. It’s a nonstop herbal
treatment, nothing more. What’s more, the ingredients used are what
we know because they are very common and cheap.